viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2014

Astro Jenny - Issue #1 "You have many bugs in your head"

Astro Jenny is a story about a hairdresser who ends up traveling through space for reasons that are not really important. you know, like when a guy with cancer blows the apartment of a drug dealer using a chemical explosive that has been in a bag and blows everyone into the air but remains standing intact.





the joke about pollock

The story is not finished but this is all that I have today. 
Hope you like



I'm ready to do some Pop Art

I love her face 
is griiiiiiiim

"I paint this way is because I want to be a machine"
Andy Warhol

Back to the 90's with Jubilation Lee

Hey fellas! you know she is a vampire?

Illustrations in my mind this was much better
 but in the end I came out this weird shit





Roach Face



viernes, 8 de agosto de 2014

Planet of the apes

I love this movie, a movie with apes hahaha can not fail

El renacuajo paseador (Rin Rin the tadpole) - Rafael Pombo

After drawing this sketch I thought I could draw the fable of the way I want

Poison Ivy

whenever I see some drawing of Poison Ivy I remember Uma Thurman

I love Uma


draw these test pages for DC comic a few months ago. 
I do not like the look of these pages are the worst shit to draw in my life.






the good thing is that I keep learning things

jueves, 24 de julio de 2014

El mar maldito

The script says: 
A monster with bad appearance, like an orc, very skinny, almost skeletal, covered only by a torn rag and as a human skull wearing hat tied with a rope.

This is how my mind works:



3. After reading the script I wanted the monster look like a fish but with a lot of shit from the sea over his body, something like a coral. 
As a sunken or those planes falling into the sea and then no one can find and we all have to believe it's true. 
BAAAaaahhh really? 
They can find a iphone that is hidden anywhere on earth by satellites and can not find a plane? 
After my reflection I remembered this educational movie and this beautiful creature

4. Here is it

5. Ink

6. first page
While writing this new post I remembered the legal dispute over the creation of spider-man between 
Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Drawings by Ditko

I'm agree with Ditko.

martes, 3 de junio de 2014

Jason Todd - Robin

I bring some sample pages for DC comics, I had no idea what character to draw so I chose to draw batman, the problem is that in the end only appears one of his boots.

                                     I like drawing rain and mostly in pencil, hope to do well someday 
batman boot
I really like the clowns
robin here is just a kid but can hit gangster clowns with their ninja stars. 
In this sequence I am inspired by this masterpiece of independent cinema 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain "
hehe just kidding, the only thing I remember about that shit, is that Hulk Hogan appears.

Examples pages Hellblazer-Constantine

It was fun to draw these pages that I try to capture some influences from artists that I like. 
I think some panels are very obvious that was my intention. 
draw a lot and learn in the process but to keep it fun, that's what really matters in the end. 
these words are brought to you thanks to google translator, what happens? 
good day.